Festival De Cannes - Experience The Glamour World!

The red carpet is ready to be rolled out, the Limousines have been booked, all top Fashion designers have been appointed and the stars of the silver screen are heading to Cannes. Along the summer heat, here's the International Cannes Film Festival around the corner.

A little overview...

Since 1946 Cannes has been the host of one of the biggest and oldest international film festival. These 12 days in May every year are a big hope for all related to the film world. The festival brings with it ambitions of existing filmmakers and opportunities for the budding stars. The most esteemed honor given at Cannes is the Palme d'Or (Golden Palm) for the best film. Other awards include Jury Prize, Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actress/Actor and award for young talent and audacious works.

Festival De Cannes showcases old and new films, special screenings, awards and talents from around the world. Many fans and star gazers from across the globe also reach the little French town to get a glimpse of their idols and experience the glamour.

Getting there...

The festival is on only for Press, actors and filmmakers and regular public or tourists are not permissible to attend the official screening. But, a lucky few manage to be the part of the hotspot. One thing is catching a glimpse of a star on the red carpet but imagine having them sitting next to you in the award show or movie premiere. Do you wish to experience the glitz and glamour in person? Yes! It is possible, if you grab your golden ticket for the film festival. After all, there is nothing better than watching your favorite celebrities in front of you and performing live. So, get ready for some dazzling moments with your favorite stars.

You just need to arrange for a concierge who can organize the Cannes film festival tickets for you. There are various concierge companies that provide festival tickets on first come first serve basis. Don't worry! It's not too late; a renowned concierge company might take few extra dollars and give you your golden ticket to feel the celeb world closely.

The chance is not to be missed to get a loop of latest trends and signature styles and catch gossips of the glamour world. The event is just about to arrive, why not to grab the pass to the most awaited event, now.

Highlight - The 65th Cannes film festival 2012 will be commenced on 16th may, 2012 and will end on 27th may 2012.