On Being Famous

There too many privileges and opportunities for a famous personality to choose from. These opportunities are just laid there waiting to be grabbed by these famous personalities. Some of them had taken advantage of these opportunities and they become again known worldwide portraying a different personality.

One of them is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is not only a good actor on screen, but also a good political leader for his constituents. In one way or another, his being a good actor helps him to be trusted by the people in his community. This is an example of maximizing his potential not only in the movie industry, but also through helping the people by joining in the political arena.

Mr. Schwarzenegger did help his constituents a lot. Though being a Governor is not easy task, as a governor and the power he possess, he could easily look for something else that could be of great help to the community.

Another one is Gillian Anderson of PETA. She also took advantage of her being famous. By being one of the active movers on preventing brutal animal treatment, she received a lot of reactions on the issue of drinking blood fresh from the neck of an animal in a ritual she joined. The point is by being famous it helps a lot in her way in promoting the PETA goals in protecting the animals welfare worldwide. If you could recall, she conquered most the local and international circulation newspapers, not to mention the internet community that she also become one of the famous person being talked about.

Most of the people in the showbiz industry though they are not all rich, most of them are famous because of their constant appearances on TV and other sort of publication circulating locally and worldwide.

In the Philippines, Ms. Clair Dela Funte was one of the famous female stars during her time in the local showbiz industry. She became a representative of a transport organization in Manila. Before this, when she is yet a member of the organization, the transport association is having a hard time to express their grievances regarding on the matters that affects the association.

Today, having Ms. Dela Fuente as their representative, the organization could easily express their opinion not to mention that the organization is now being heard and this is all because their representative is one of the famous personalities in the community.

We can say that it really helps a lot if a famous person is involve in any of the transactions or events that occurred in this world. It is a dangerous power if not being utilized in accordance with the law of the land.