Salsa Shoes - What You Should Know About Salsa Shoes

Great salsa shoes will make your salsa dancing experience truly enjoyable. A comfortable footwear, if chosen correctly, will ease up the strain on your legs, feet and joints as you dance. What makes salsa shoes different from ordinary shoes?

Materials Used

Salsa shoes are often designed to be lighter than the usual shoes. The shoes are also made more flexible than ordinary. This will allow you faster and easier movement as you show your dancing moves.

The in sole of the shoes have more padding than normal, enabling you to stay up on your feet longer. Also, there is enough toe room so the feet will not be pressed and movements are free and easy. That is why, if you are an avid salsa lover, it will be best to invest in these salsa dance shoes.

The shoes for salsa dance are made of lighter materials particularly leather making it weigh lesser than ordinary shoes. This, however, made the shoes unable to withstand extreme conditions such as cold or hot weathers, uneven pavement and others. It will be best not to use the shoes other than for dancing salsa alone since it is not made tougher to withstand other external factors.


It is not also advisable to use these shoes in wet weather since the light weight leather material is not built to withstand water. If you use your shoes in wet weather, it will be hard for you to dance salsa since the floor can absorb moisture. This makes the floor surface moist and hard to dance on. Your dance movements are also slower in the process.

It will be good not to use your dance shoes for street or everyday wear. It is also a good idea to brush the shoes with steel brush to make them sturdier.

Factors to Consider When Buying

When considering which salsa dancing shoes to buy, you should look into these important factors: comfort, resistance and quality. Part of the need for comfortable shoes is the fit. If the shoes fit well then dancing becomes effortless and there is less pressure on the feet.

The width of the shoes is an important factor to look into. The width must adapt with one's feet. The shoes often expand as you continuously use it for dancing so it will best not to buy shoes that are too wide for your feet. Shoes that are made of hide tanned turned into suede are very flexible and convenient to use to they also expand faster.

Thin straps are not as supportive as the wide ones. Those non-stretch synthetic thin straps may hurt your skin since they dig into feet when you dance. Find a shoe with 8mm leather straps or even wider.

The backing of the shoe should be non-stretched. This can provide you better foot support and does not hurt your feet.

Open toe style shoes are also comfortable to use. The designs for open toe shoes vary from small opening to wide ones. Shoes with smaller opening are safer compared to those with bigger openings. This is especially favorable for people with elongated and skinny feet.

Closed toe shoes will help prevent dancers from stomping on their partner's feet. Thus, making it safer when dancing with partners. But an open style shoe will allow air to circulate in your feet as you danced and take away perspiration.

Choosing the best footwear is as important as dancing salsa itself. That is why you cannot take this decision for granted. Finding and using the best salsa shoes available will make the entire salsa dancing experience truly unforgettable for you.