Skechers Shape Up Shoes - A Secret Weapon Against Flab

Are you getting married this year? Are you going to your class reunion? Or are you and your special someone finally going away on that beach vacation you've been dreaming of for years? Here's a little secret that brides-to-be, and anyone else who has an occasion they want to shape up for can use: Skechers Shape Up shoes.

They look pretty much exactly like walking shoes, but they are thicker in the soles, particularly underneath the arch of your feet. The reason they are designed that way is that they force you to use your core muscles in your abs, hips, and thighs more while you walk, turning an ordinary walk into a mini workout. Do enough of these mini workouts, and you'll look better than you expected in that swimsuit this summer.

Are they easy to wear? Skechers Shape Up shoes take a little getting used to. You'll feel a little off-balance the first time you wear them until you get the hang of walking in them. But if you have the ability to walk in stiletto heels, you can easily get used to walking in Skechers Shape Ups. When do you find yourself on your feet during the day? If you're a teacher, or a nurse, or the mother of a toddler, then it's probably most of the time. Wearing Skechers Shape Ups turns all those walks down the hall, across the classroom, or behind a stroller into little workouts, and you will definitely feel it in your hips, thighs, buttocks, and even your abs.

How best to use them? The best way to incorporate Skechers Shape Up shoes into your lifestyle is to start by wearing them for twenty minutes or so when you're going to be doing some walking - say when you stop in at the grocery store to pick up a few items. Gradually work your way up to where you are wearing them for longer periods, and you'll be getting more of a workout whenever you wear them. Besides helping you shape up your lower and mid body, Skechers Shape Up shoes are really comfortable. People with heel pain often find that it goes away when they are wearing them, and some people have reported that they help with knee pain and back pain as well.

Do they come in different styles? Skechers Shape Ups come in several different styles, including boots and sandals. And they're not just for women. Skechers makes Shape Ups for men, too. One of the best benefits of wearing Skechers is that they force you to improve your posture, and once you get used to your new, improved posture, it carries over even when you're wearing your other shoes. If you work in a casual workplace, or in a workplace where you're on your feet and need comfort and support, then Skechers Shape Ups has a number of styles that are work appropriate. Skechers Shape Up shoes are a terrific "secret weapon" you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle and end up with better looking hips and thighs, and improved posture.