Tone Whilst You Walk - The New Shoes

Have you heard of the new shoes/trainers that the American company Skechers have created - Skechers Shape Ups? Well they sound so interesting and I was very curious just by the name so I wanted to find out more.

They say these shape up shoes tone your body whilst you are wearing them and walking, whether it be walking the dog, walking to the shops, work or just out for a stroll or even wearing them around the house whilst doing your housework and chores. Wow, this sounds like a dream come true, is it that easy and how do they work? These shoes are designed to give us better balance, more movement and correct our posture. The shoes have a sensor, or a roll bar, towards the back of the shoe which makes the shoe unstable. When you step on the bar, rather than hard on your heel (like most us of do), you activate under used muscles that should be worked when walking barefoot. Also wearing these shoes you take smaller steps, stepping onto a slightly bent knee, then pushing off with a straight leg that activates your hamstrings and the gluteal muscles which are the muscles associated with your buttocks.

By doing this, they say, we can then exercise these muscles in a gentle form of exercising such as simply walking. But don't we do that anyway? Apparently not, not to the same effect as usually our posture is wrong in the first instance. These new Shape Up shoes have much more padding in the sole and support the middle of your foot as if it is sitting over a ball and can easily rock you backwards and forwards. This stops you walking flat footed or walking forward on your toes and by correcting this affects your whole posture to whether you are standing tall or leaning forwards. As you know, you are always being taught to stand up tall, keep your shoulders back and your tummy in and yes, if you have tried this in front of the mirror at home, you will notice a difference. The problem is we need to get our abdomen and stomach muscles strong to assist us to do this by themselves and that means improving our posture and exercising and strengthening these muscles to do that. As we have more movement in our feet whilst walking as we are not just walking on our toes or heels, we can stretch our heels further to the ground which in turn means we are exercising and stretching our calf and leg muscles, hips and bottoms as well as improve your balance and inner core strength and improve the muscles in your back as well as your posture. These Shape Up shoes are also a great aid for fitting in gentle exercise into our busy lives and help burn calories, and loose weight and also help to assist in reducing cellulite.

This all sounds too good to be true, but are these shoes really as they say. Well by chance I happened to pass the Skechers shop in London and wasn't even there for shopping but a pair of boots in the window caught my eye. As I entered the shop there I saw these Shape Up shoes and I wasn't sure that what I was reading was correct so I watched the video and it all seems to make some sense. So I had to try a pair of these shoes on and yes how comfortable they felt. You did feel more padding and not as if you are walking flat on the ground. The middle of my foot was well supported and as they described in the video it was easy to rock backwards and forwards and I could feel my calves stretching. And since seeing them in London, I keep seeing them in the magazines and other ladies out walking with them on their feet, even dressed in suit and shoes. Does this mean by using these shoes as a sensible pair of walking shoes to and from work I can start getting myself in shape.... I will let you know.

I so want a pair of these now!